11 Ways to Start Winning in the inside

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What's going on guys, I've been getting a lot of questions about, when will I begin to start blogging about some motivational topics. Here it is, In this blog post you will discover 11 ways to start winning in the inside.

Start seeing yourself as a Winner. Winning inside is always your first victory.

  1. Be responsible for yourself and your future. The most important ability is responsibility. There's nothing more impressive than seeing a person step up and say you can count on me.
  2. Listen and Learn from others successful people. When we fail to listen we turn off our learning ability. There's a relationship between learning and winning . In basic terms Keep your mouth shut, with a pen and notebook at hand and observe. Ask them how they are successful. If you find out the key of their success, you'll indeed find the key to your success.
  3. Hang around somebody that'll make a difference in your life. When finding and hanging around these successful people you'll want to look for these ten things.       1. Commitment    2. Excellence   3. Integrity   4. Time Management    5.Their Attitude 6. Their Relationship  7. Their Priorities   8. Solid Family Values   9. Energy  10. Peace 
  4. Learn from your mistakes. Too many people make mistakes and keep going through, like a chicken with its head cut off making the same mistake over and over again. Take a step back and think before heading in.
  5. Don't try to be perfect. Perfectionism distracts you from your focus. You forget what the purpose is, because your focus on getting everything right. Start with what you have and start now.

Love what you do and do it Well. Learn to do it so well that people will pay you.

       6.   Give more to others than they expect.

       7.  Deliver what you promise. If you can't deliver it don't promise it.  You want to keep the mindset always deliver. The greatest disrespect a leader can do to it's people, is lead them than stop.

       8. Don't make Excuses. Just do it and quick making excuses, because we all have them. Put it behind you and fix the NOW.

       9.  Get control of your life. Winners say I will and losers say I wish.

      10.  What you put in is what you get out. Work cant see hours . When everyone is resting you be the one working, you be the one reading, you be the one mocking up new business ideas. I go by the saying "early bird gets the worm. One who arrives first has the best chance for success.

Change now before there is a Must.

   11. Plan and Prioritize. Prioritize your work with pen and pad.

11 ways to start winning in the inside

For more information on The New One Minute Manager.

Thanks guys I want you to believe in yourself and your mission.

Till next time

Anthony Cotton Jr.


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