How to get more Visitors to your Blog

Yo yo yo whats going on my peoples all around the world, in this post I will be sharing with you tips on bringing new visitors to you blog.

With little to no money to spend on advertising

Just starting and you have no social media presence.

Blogging helps you get more traffic, creating and publishing great quality frequently content is key on gaining you new and returning visitors to your blog. A neat blogging strategy could be to implement in your blog post, every time when you write a blog post, and within that post link your article to other influencers related to your niche. By doing this step it helps you build your credibility and authority in your niche.


How to Start Blogging

I must say blogging is a fun way to create awesome content where your able to share something with others on the Internet. Some people use blogs because they like writing while other people prefer blogging for business. In order to become a blogger, it is actually not difficult as long as you have something to share with the world.

For those who are not too familiar with blogging, I would like to share with you about some tips on how to start blogging. In order to start blogging, you need to be patient and always learn more. If you finally become a professional blogger, you can earn money from blogging.


New Ways to Gain Traffic to your Blog Effectively

Running an online business can be so easy and sometimes it can also be difficult. Finding new ways to gain traffic to your blog is part of the puzzle. In this case, you create a blog and use Google analytic to manage your blog activity or create a website to get more visitors so that your products can be known by many people. Do you intend to create a new blog and get into google rankings?

How to Write Online Articles and Where to Start?

Once you decide when to create a blog, it means that you are ready to write some articles as the contents to fill your blog. Discover ways on how to write online articles and where to start. The blog post articles must be adapted to the theme of the blog that you have created.

blogging tips

8 Tips every Blogger should know about Blogging

Blogging Tips

1. Reach out to other blog writers and post their links to your blog
◾ Create you a database to store your bloggers contact information, like their name and email address.
◾ Email them compliments, links to news, projects your working on, and feedback about their blog, this can potential lead to a relationship building which is a upside for both parties.

2. Keep an eye out for blogging site with blogrolls. This could be very beneficial to your blog by being on their list.

3.Write a blog about your product or services then promote it on social media sites like linkedin, facebook, twitter, pinterest, and stumblupon. If you have a chance like my facebook page and follow me on Twitter.

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How to Create a Blog Post with WordPress

After you’ve purchased your domain name, your now ready to create your first blog post. Creating a blog post in wordpress is fun and easy, it gives you ways to create a web presence and to start sharing your ideas online. With the click of one button publish.

The good thing about creating your blog post Wordpress, you own your domain name. Your tumblr or any other blogging sites you use are owned by someone else. Which means your able to share your ideas and web presence but under their terms and conditions.