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Change in 2017 to take yourself to the Next Level

If you want change in 2017, today there's a way to take yourself to the next level that you should pay attention to.

What's going on y'all, doing my morning run, getting my thoughts together. Decided to do a quit Instagram video you feel me. Just out here really grinding, really running going at it, I was just thinking of something where I'm at, or where you're at in life. At this very moment in 2017in May where you at right now, if you trying to get change, if you want that change.

You know what you got to do. You got to do shit you never did before. You feel me, to get to that next level. The shit that you did that got you where you at now, that's all good. Pat yourself on the back, but let yourself know, I gotta keep going. This ain't done for me. I'm not our with yet, I'm not done, I'm cool with what I got now. But I want more, I want more baby, I want more.

We are no kings queens out here in this earth for nothing. I want more. Keep going keep grinding. I got up this morning, at 6o'clock. Took my baby to school. I was like fuck it, let me just hit a run, and as I start running my mind start thinking .

Great thing about a human being, were made in God image, so we don't have to go outside of the box to get what we need. God is going to give it to us right here. Just keep grinding. Always remember how you got that A the 1st time, not going to get you that A the 2nd time, maybe it will may be it wouldn't but you have to remember to keep building yourself up going to the next level.

Signing out guys your boy Anthony Cotton Jr. If yo haven't did so before gone ahead and subscribe. I said I'm going to use this as a Instagram but I'm going to go ahead and use this as my 1st video for my YouTube. To get me some content going. Sorry man I just been killing it, see. To see I've wasn't playing check my apple watch out. Hopefully, you can see it. You feel me. Yeah, I was at it. So I'm good to go from here y'all gone ahead and subscribe down there. I may make a few little edit on here.

Subscribe and yall have a beautiful, bless day my beautiful people. Keep getting it baby. The grind never stops. Cliché as it sounds shit never stops never stops. Alright, much love peace and respect signing out baby. 🙂

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Checkout 11 ways to start winning in the inside. I hope you guys enjoyed this post I wish you the best of luck!

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