Anthony Cotton Jr

How to Continue to be Consistent in Business

Anthony Cotton Jr

Hey guys this six minute video is on how to continue to be consistent in business, and life, in yourself.

What’s going on guys, how are you doing today? Stopping in right quick, with a message on being consistent. I want you to know how to continue to consistent in this video post. Consistency, you want to be consistent on whatever and everything that you do, especially if it’s good. Constant consistency is key, you want to replicate those steps over and over.

There’s a few things were going to tie consistency along with. Start with waking up early, once you get your body in the habit and in the routine. Consistent waking up early, you can then get your day started earlier than the next person.

Working out, once you start working out consistent you will start to see awesome results.

Read, Read, Read, everyday stay consistent with how much time you put down in reading, and if you write down thirty minutes of reading than stay consistent with that reading plan.

You staying consistent with a diet plan, continue with that diet plan and stay consistent with it. Anything that you do I want you to stay consistent with it.

Anthony Cotton Jr

Now let’s shift gears and shift around to your business and brand. If you're on social media and you post once a day or a couple times a day. Start putting together you a strategy plan together and stay consistent with your Social Media Plan. Start with posting 3-4 times a daily on your Facebook Business Page and Instagram Account. Just try and stay really consistent. Start being consistent with DM’s on Instagram and start messaging business and collaborations

100 times a day.

Just DM them saying, Hey, how are you doing… begin pitching your services and or product. Doing this will get you impressions up, lead into you increasing your brand awareness.

Whatever it is get you a pen and paper out and figure out whatever it is that you want to be consistent in and crush it. You want to be consistent in business and building your brand. Jot down How to take advantage of your social media platform and brainstorm and execute. See if your taking advantage of any email marketing, if not jot down ways to increase your email lead.

Figure out your strategy consistently for cold calling. Cold Call 30-60 business today Be really consistent with that, it's a numbers game, and it’s the consistency  that matches up with it.

The more consistent you are the more results you will start seeing fast, fast, fast.

That’s all I just wanted to jump in with you guys right quick to let you guys know consistency is key. You can be known for building your own personal brand by being a consistent person in whatever you do.

Anthony Cotton Jr

Being consistency happy, grumpy whatever it is you be consistent don’t shift don’t switch up, add consistency to yourself in your everyday life. Be consistency with the relationships you have with your family, friends, colleagues, and business relationships.  Be consistent person on whatever it is you want out there to the universe you be consistent with that.

Signing out with you, but before I sign out if you haven’t done so before go ahead and turn on the notifications go ahead and like and share this video and post. Have a beautiful bless and safe day out there.

One more thing I don’t know if you heard, but you guys can say a prayer for Houston Texas. Their going through Hurricane Harvey, it’s pretty bad over there for them.

Signing out guys Anthony Cotton Jr much love, much peace, much respect. If you have some time checkout my Last Video. Take Care of Yourself First

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