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One of the most effective ways to attract customers is to utilize email marketing services to your advantage. Instead of  only using social media marketing, you also need to utilize email marketing.

Email marketing is as one of the best ways to get email subscribers. I bet your wondering Why email subscribers, what's so important about it? I'm here to tell you, Subscribers have an important role in your business on the promotion of your products and/or services.

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If you are in the need of a  email marketing service with awesome features,  like the landing page feature, this feature is popular, because it will allows the visitor to have the opportunity to register their email address on your website so that they can get information, promotions, announcements, which you'll spread via email.

Email marketing is very effective for online business and for e-commerce businesses so that sellers can provide the latest product information to their subscribers. To be able to use email marketing services, you will have to choose a email marketing services providers. If you haven't done so already I recommend a couple, such as ConverKit and AWeber.

Now, we're going to discuss the ConvertKit and Aweber features and pricing, so you can decide which one is the best fit for you.

ConverKit Features

ü  Responsive Opt-in Form

To me ConvertKit have such a nice, responsive, and flexible opt-in form which can be used in your website in order to build your e-mail list fast as possible.

Each form has its own design which fits any area on your website. You can put this opt-in form on the sidebar or put it at the end of a page. It is so cool because it can automatically adjust the size anywhere you place the opt-in form.

ü  Landing Page Design

By using ConverKit, you can select from three templates and then a design page. You can create such a course opt-in page, coming soon page, and much more. You just need a few minute to setup your landing page. It's really useful for delivering content that you can give to your listener, email subscribers, visitor registration, and email newsletter.

The landing page feature is really attractive because you can create your landing page domain name, customize the text and color, and add some custom pattern.

ü  Book Marketing Automation

This automation feature will allow the visitor to come back to your website. When they have tried your trial product, they may forget to come back. So, by this automation, they will be reminded and they will come back to you.

This marketing strategy is one of the most effective ways and you do not need to do so much effort to inform your customers. You can manage your email schedule when the email needs to be sent.

ü  Broadcast Feature

Sending an email one by one to your email subscribers can be really tiring. So, why don’t you use the broadcast feature by ConvertKit? This feature is really effective to send an announcement to many of your subscribers.

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Aweber Features

ü  HTML Email Templates

Aweber have more than 700 HTML email templates, so you can create such a nice email page with all major email service as well as mobile responsive. You can choose the color scheme as you wish which will really look attractive.

ü  Subscribers Management

You can create such a good sign up form on your website in just a few minute using Aweber. You can choose the template that you like and then you can share it with others throughout your website.

Besides, you can also track the email subscribers easily. You will notice several activities such as link clicks, message opened, generated revenue, who is unsubscribed.

ü  Autoresponder Email

In order to save time, you can activate the automated email marketing. You can control your email and the schedule just simply by choosing times and days when you want to manage the messages, and then the message will be sent according to the schedule set.

Automated email will make you be more intimate with your subscribers and they will always stay connected to you.

ü  Email Sign Up Form

Aweber also provides a good email sign up form. This form will let any visitors to subscribe to your service. You just need to add the form to your website and get your email subscribers. This really will help to increase your sale and product popularity.

ü  Email Newsletter

You can segment your list based on the visitors that receipt and read your last email and make sure the others get it. This is really helpful to send the right email to the right receivers. Using AWeber email newsletter software, you do not need to be skillful on coding and design. You can use more than thousands of images from Aweber.

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Aweber Pricing

What about Aweber pricing? How much do you need to pay for the service? The service of Aweber email marketing service is not too expensive.

According to the plans, you can spend $19 up to $69 each month. You will need to pay $19 a month for unlimited email up to 500 subscribers, $29 per month for 2500 contacts, $49 for 5000 contacts, and $69 per month for 10.000 contacts.

ConvertKit Pricing

The pricing for ConvertKit email marketing service is a big higher compared to Aweber. According to the price showed on its website, ConvertKit costs about $29 for the cheapest price and $3,999 for the highest price.

You will need to spend $29 to get 1000 subscribers, you have to spend $119 to get 10.000 subscribers, $499 to get 75.000 subscribers, $799 to get 125.000 subscribers,  $1,399 to get 225.000 subscribers, and $3,999 to get 900.000 subscribers.

After seeing the ConvertKit features and pricing as well as the Aweber features and pricing, can decide which one is the best provider? Both of the services actually have the same function. However, if we see it from the pricing, we can say that ConvertKit is more expensive than the Aweber. However, you can get up to 900.000 subscribers if you choose ConvertKit email marketing which is considered as the most expensive one.

In summary, those are convertKit and Aweber features and pricing that you have to know when you are about to choose an email marketing service provider. No matter which one you prefer, both of the services seems professional and reliable. You can use this email marketing service to increase your email subscribers until finally, you can earn so much money from your business.

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