Anthony Cotton Jr Design Build and Execute your Startup Idea

Design Build and Execute your Startup Idea

Morning, Morning, Morning how is my beautiful people doing this morning Jumping in with you right quick with a quick video post message on Design, Build, and Execute your Startup Idea.

I want you to execute whatever your niche is. Design, Build, and Execute your startup idea, I know this world have a lot of crazy stuff going on, where obstacles feel like there to big to overcome and just seems difficult to start.  My main message today is to execute, just to start something.

How to Build a Network that’ll Stretch around the World

In this blog post you’ll discover 8 ways to build a network system that’ll work to your advantage. Make a list of the things that your passionate about. Use your passion as a guide to which activities you should be seeking out. Use this to engage old and new contacts. For example if you love … Continue reading How to Build a Network that’ll Stretch around the World

Affiliate MArketing Tips To Increase your sales Anthony Cotton Jr

Affliate Marketing Tips to Increase your Sales

In this post I want to discuss with you how to maximize your click-thru rates and where to find products o promote. Affiliate business model works like this, find a product created or a service provides that someone else created, then generate leads to send customers over to their product or service. If any of those customers make a purchase then you make a commission.
Only thing your responsible for would be driving traffic to links on your blog or video channel to that product. The product owner than takes care of everything from there.


Web Services

I will create an integrated website building off of your business or idea. You, With Your Own Website – How Does That Sound? Pretty cool huh, Get Started Today.

I’m a Professional, Passionate & Highly Motivated Front-end Developer, servicing many happy clients globally, and also have over 6 years professional experience.

I have developed a wide range of websites using html5, css3, WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento, Codeignieter, Ajax & PHP, MySQL including sites for bloggers, celebrities, entrepreneurs, startup companies and small businesses.

Things you Need to Start an Online Business

Is now becoming a trend in the word of business. All of the people have switched to run online businesses to get a bigger profit by selling their products and services online. Some companies have been successfully earning some dollars in their pocket from this online business.

Online business is also commonly called as E-commerce which really gives you an opportunity to be rich. However, running an online business is not that easy because you have to know all of the aspects of online media. Therefore, you have to know several things you need to start when you are about to run an online business.

Converting Visitors into Buyers

1. Functionality and Usability: Make sure you keep your website updated when it comes to your site design and functionality making it user friendly for customers when they visit.

2. Graphics: Make sure your logo and product images are very clear and detailed enough for your customers to recognize the good quality of your pictures.

3. Credibility: You want to boost customers confidence by displaying your contact information prominently throughout your site preferably in the footer, providing your address, phone number, and email address. In your footer you want to include a FAQ and private policies.

5 Tips to Make your Business Website more Effective

If you want to establish your website presence then incorporate this five simple steps into making your business website more effective.

1. Pen point the main goals of your website or blog

Whats the purpose of your website?
Why do you have a website?
What do you want your website or blog to do.
After you answer those three questions to yourself. Make sure you come up with a clear action plan to meet your website goals. If your website or blog is already built, then simply make a few changes within your site by

Adding or Deleting Pages
Redesign your website
Add Call to Action Buttons
Create a new landing page to attract more subscribers