Anthony Cotton Jr How to Record your iPhone 7s Plus Screen

How to Record your iPhone 7s Plus Screen

What’s going on my people, checking back in with you guy. Listen if you have a iPhone 7s Plus or any of the newer versions of the iPhone then you are good to go. Apple recently came out with a update allowing you to record on your screen. The great thing about it, it’s perfect, perfect, perfect for bloggers, vloggers, perfect for people that’s doing how to videos, tutorials, perfect for people really showing step by step on how to solve a problem.

Top 4 Best Online Tools to Help You Create Amazing Visual Content

Hey guys lets checkout some cool online tool to help you create some amazing visual content. In our day and time visuals are becoming the new eye catching thing.

Visual images has grown in mass amounts in the last two years with online marketers finding new ways to communicate and engage with their target audience.

There’s tons of online tools out there that’s get you started, but to sum it up for the best, in my opinion from experience is the following below.