Anthony Cotton Jr How to Record your iPhone 7s Plus Screen

How to Record your iPhone 7s Plus Screen

What’s going on my people, checking back in with you guy. Listen if you have a iPhone 7s Plus or any of the newer versions of the iPhone then you are good to go. Apple recently came out with a update allowing you to record on your screen. The great thing about it, it’s perfect, perfect, perfect for bloggers, vloggers, perfect for people that’s doing how to videos, tutorials, perfect for people really showing step by step on how to solve a problem.

21 Ways to Build your Personal Brand

Building your Brand

When building your brand whether its in any field you’ll want to consider doing the following 21 steps below to get the most out of your brand building.

Take it from me this content will come in handy one day for you as it did for me, if your not ready for this part yet, simply bookmark it and come back when your ready. Following each step will help eliminate any doubt you may have, on if your doing this thing right or not.

1. Identify your passion.
2. Make sure you can think of at least fifty awesome blog topics to ensure stickiness.

3. Answer the following questions: