Anthony Cotton Jr How to Record your iPhone 7s Plus Screen

How to Record your iPhone 7s Plus Screen

What's going on my people, checking back in with you guy. This video post is on How to record your iPhone 7s Plus Screen. Listen if you have a iPhone 7s Plus or any of the newer versions of the iPhone then you are good to go. Apple recently came out with a update allowing you to record on your screen. The great thing about it, it’s perfect, perfect, perfect for bloggers, vloggers, perfect for people that’s doing how to videos, tutorials, perfect for people really showing step by step on how to solve a problem.

Anthony Cotton Jr

It’s really simple you just swipe up in your home screen you’ll see a circle shape from there you want to click on that circle it’s going to count down from there and you just record. It’s going to automatically record once you touch the circle button after the countdown finish.

You want to then record and go through the motion of recording your how to steps and from there you want to find and touch the circle icon from there you want to save it to your camera roll.

Magic in your hand once you’ve saved it to your camera roll, you’re able to upload it to your WordPress site, you can upload it to YouTube and Facebook, but before then you want to edit your video if needed.

To do your edits you can go on iMovie on your phone, there’s a lot of editing apps out there phonogram, videogram is a big one that I use and from there you want to create your thumbnail for YouTube if you’re uploading it to Youtube, if not than you’re good to go to upload on your platform of choice. YouTube Thumbnail Size is 1280x720.

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After that put together some content to go around your How To video, I recommend creating a blog post 500 - 800 words. Doing those steps will get you going pretty easy with recording your iPhone 7s Plus Screen.

  1. Launch Settings, and select Control Center
  2. Scroll down in the list and add Screen Recording
  3. Close Settings
  4. Swipe-up from the bottom of the display to reveal Control Center
  5. Tap Screen Recording button to immediately begin recording (or 3D Touch to bring up menu)

I wanted to jump in with you on this quick message on how to record your iPhone 7s Plus Screen, I hope this video post helps. A little hack I ended up discovering 2017 that the update Apple released for the ios11. I wanted to get you going with that. Pretty much out herefor Dads with Donuts with my daughter at her school. Checking it out I had to be at her school at 8:30am it’s now 8:21am so I have nine more minutes to go. Yeah so that’s where I am at now heading to spend some time with my princess.

That’s why I wanted to jump in with a quick video with you on hacks on the new ios11 update on how to record your iPhone 7s Plus screen. I hope this helps and if you haven’t done so before go ahead and subscribe go ahead and this video. Follow me on Instagram, check out my website, check out my SnapChat (@acotton05). I be lit and turnt up on my SnapChat all I do is workout, fitness, and talk about motivational stuff.

I basically used SnapChat for my personal brand, just my personality on me being myself, and I use my other platforms for more business related content, more serious content for business development tailored for your startup. Checkout my Instagram and SnapChat.

Have a blessed day my beautiful people much peace much love much respect signing out Anthony Cotton Jr Peace.

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