How to Gain more Instagram Followers

Rise and Shine, just waking up getting my day started on Instagram. Getting my day started early, early bird gets the worm first. I’m going to be having some more videos coming up followed up right after this one once I get into my video message guys.

Before I get into my vlog, just wanted you guys to know rise and bake, rise and shine, and rise and grind baby.

Use Social Media to your Advantage to Market your Brand

Thanks guys and I hope you guys enjoyed this video post most of all keep learning, changing, and growing on your journey.
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Instagram Top HashTags 2017

What’s going on guys, let’s dive right into this blog post on Instagram top HashTags 2017 to use when posting your content.
Here’s a little golden nugget using hashtags that are posted  a lot – let’s say, over one million then your post potentially may not rise in all the noise. If you use a keyword that is not used very often, then very few people will see it, that method is better because you really want to reach your specific target audience.

Throughout my years of social media marketing, I have learned from successful Social Media Gurus that you want to distribute your Instagram hashtags over the thousands/ten thousands/hundreds of thousands trending ranges, and to stay away from trending topics over 1M.


Instagram Hacks on Building your Brand

What’s going on guys, just dropping in with you guys today. Listen when it comes to branding yourself , or it branding a company, or just branding a business that you work for. You want to see what other people are doing , that’s in your niche, especially checkout Instagram , you get a lot of feedback, followers, and impressions on Instagram.

How to use Facebook ads to get sales

Facebook is still considered as one of the best social media platforms to reach more customers. With around 1.36 Bullion of active users each month, Facebook is huge and ready made market especially if you have the right strategy to advertise. Your main goal is not only driving visitors to the landing page but also potential customers. One great way to start with is using the Facebook ads.

5 Unique Ways to Master Google Plus +

Here are some very simple, but unique ways to master your Google Plus + account. Google Plus + have been successful in moving towards being the top dog in the active social media platforms. Launching in 2011, Google vision was/is to grasp their user experience into their very own concept of Google Plus +.