Anthony Cotton Jr Est. 2017

How to Start a Productive Day

What's going on guys, in this post we will unveil how to start a productive day. To get you going with positive vibes and good energy. It doesn't matter the order you go in as long as you do them.

Anthony Cotton Jr

Eat well

Sleep well

Exercise well

Read - Educate Myself


Don't think about money. Think about a value of a product and/or service to offer today that someone is willing to pay for.

Hang around positive people

Start saying No

No - I need to know a little more about your product or service

No - I need to know a little more about you. How do I benefit?

No - I need to know a little more about the people that'll be involved.

Good advice from mentor

If you don't market or promote yourself nobody else will.

I want to leave you guys off with checking out my video on Taking Care of Yourself 1st, and stay patient on your course. I hope this helps and wish you the best of luck!

Signing out Anthony Cotton Jr

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