Anthony Cotton Jr Design Build and Execute your Startup Idea

Design Build and Execute your Startup Idea

Morning, Morning, Morning how is my beautiful people doing this morning Jumping in with you right quick with a quick video post message on Design, Build, and Execute your Startup Idea.

I want you to execute whatever your niche is. Design, Build, and Execute your startup idea, I know this world have a lot of crazy stuff going on, where obstacles feel like there to big to overcome and just seems difficult to start.  My main message today is to execute, just to start something.

How to use Facebook ads to get sales

Facebook is still considered as one of the best social media platforms to reach more customers. With around 1.36 Bullion of active users each month, Facebook is huge and ready made market especially if you have the right strategy to advertise. Your main goal is not only driving visitors to the landing page but also potential customers. One great way to start with is using the Facebook ads.

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10 Tips to make your Facebook Business Page more Effective

If you have a Facebook business page there are many ways you can take advantage of this social media platform to add brand awareness to your business. Lets go over 10 tips to make your Facebook Business Page more Effective.

◾Now that you have a Facebook Business page or a Facebook Fan page, you’ll want to engage with your audience.
◾By sharing posts, asking questions, and running polls.

2. Images

◾Use visually Stimulating Pictures, there’s no question about it that Facebook user love to like pictures and comment on them. So use this to your advantage by using captivating and stimulating pictures where you can. This will indeed generate likes, comments, and shares.

How to Execute your Social Media Plan to its Full Potential in 5 Simple Ways

Hey guys lets get started with executing your social media plan.


Find the target and get connected – target market are present in various social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram, Pintrest, and LinkedIn
Establish rapport with fans/followers and build a community
Establish brand awareness
Nurture fans and followers by regular posting of interesting, fun and beneficial contents.
Drive people to your website allow them to convert into sales, traffic, or subscribers

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Now that you have your objectives in place you’ll need to take action. I recommend following these steps repeatedly over the next couple months.