Anthony Cotton Jr Design Build and Execute your Startup Idea

Design Build and Execute your Startup Idea

Morning, Morning, Morning how is my beautiful people doing this morning Jumping in with you right quick with a quick video post message on Design, Build, and Execute your Startup Idea.

I want you to execute whatever your niche is. Design, Build, and Execute your startup idea, I know this world have a lot of crazy stuff going on, where obstacles feel like there to big to overcome and just seems difficult to start.  My main message today is to execute, just to start something.

How to Increase your Google AdSense Earnings and what to look for

You probably never thought that you actually can get thousands of dollars from the internet. There are many ways to earn extra income through the internet, one of which is by registering your blog to Google AdSense.

How to get paid for your Blog

Google Adsense

There’s tons of ways to get paid for your blog. I personally think for beginners coming out the gate blogging Google Adsense is a good way to starting adding some dollars to your pocket.

Google AdSense is free, it’s a simple way for website publishers of all sizes to earn money by displaying targeted Google ads on their websites.

With Google AdSense, you’re able to show relevant content and engaging ads to your site visitors and can even customize the look of your ads to match your website theme colors.

Google Adsense works with over one million advertisers and multiple networks so theycan deliver relevant, high quality ads to your site.

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Their robust targeting ensures ads are relevant to your content and users, helping you earn the most money possible.

pros to outsource business online

Pros to Outsource your Online Business

Lets get started…

Running an online business has several advantages. One of them is the flexibility to run your business on your own terms without getting dictates from anyone. This provides tremendous opportunities to think out of the box to take your business to the next level where you can achieve maximum results with minimum efforts. With such an aim, many online businesses consider outsourcing some or many tasks related to their online ventures. So what exactly are the benefits associated with outsourcing.

Free up time: This is the most obvious. As an entrepreneur, you wear several hats; bringing in business, managing the finances, coordinating between teams, selling, marketing and so on. When you outsource any or number of such activities, you are essentially freeing up time for yourself and your staff. This time can now be utilized for carrying out more focussed tasks.

Google Alert

How to Create a Google Alert

Now that we’ve setup a domain name, setup an website, added a tracking code. We’ll be going over how to create a Google Alert. I think it’s time to setup a Google alert if you haven’t done so already. Google alert is one of Google services that generates search engines results, based on information provided by you.

Let’s see how Google alerts would be useful for you. This service monitors the web for specific information about your company, your children, your online content, and your competition.