Anthony Cotton Jr Design Build and Execute your Startup Idea

Design Build and Execute your Startup Idea

Morning, Morning, Morning how is my beautiful people doing this morning Jumping in with you right quick with a quick video post message on Design, Build, and Execute your Startup Idea.

I want you to execute whatever your niche is. Design, Build, and Execute your startup idea, I know this world have a lot of crazy stuff going on, where obstacles feel like there to big to overcome and just seems difficult to start.  My main message today is to execute, just to start something.

Anthony Cotton Jr

Stay Patient

Stay patient and stay on course throughout your journey. Share this video if you think it’s going to help somebody you know.
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Stop Worrying About What People Think About You

What’s going on my people, I wanted to check in with you guys. Listen, the moment you stop giving a f**k about what people think you can be great Mann.
What hold us back so much in life, we worrying about what other people think, about what we say, what we do, how we walk, how we move. We worry too much about what the nay sayer say, once we block out the noise, tune that out, because its all non sense. Tune that noise out whether its good or bad you wanna tune it out. You don’t want non of that noise
You know what you want you want results and you want to execute.

11 Ways to Start Winning in the inside

What’s going guys, I’ve been getting a lot of questions about. When will I begin to staring blogging about some motivational topics. Here it is, In this blog post you discover 13 ways to start winning in the inside.

Start seeing yourself as a Winner. Winning inside is always your first victory.

1.Be responsible for yourself and your future. The most important ability is responsibility. There’s nothing more impressive than seeing a person step up and say you can count on me. Grow up and get a life and get responsibility.

2.Listen and Learn from others successful people. When we fail to listen we turn off our learning ability. There’s a relationship between learning and winning . In basic terms Keep your mouth shut, with a pen and notebook at hand and observe. Ask them how they are successful. If you find out the key of their success, you’ll indeed find the key to your success.