Anthony Cotton Jr Design Build and Execute your Startup Idea

Design Build and Execute your Startup Idea

Morning, Morning, Morning how is my beautiful people doing this morning Jumping in with you right quick with a quick video post message on Design, Build, and Execute your Startup Idea.

I want you to execute whatever your niche is. Design, Build, and Execute your startup idea, I know this world have a lot of crazy stuff going on, where obstacles feel like there to big to overcome and just seems difficult to start.  My main message today is to execute, just to start something.

Take Some time out of your Day

What’s going on my people Take Some time out of your Day, just finishing up my workout, so you guys can see the aftermath, all the sweat and grind. I just hit the gym up, there a picture of my Apple Watch ⌚️ to see my results.


Web Services

I will create an integrated website building off of your business or idea. You, With Your Own Website – How Does That Sound? Pretty cool huh, Get Started Today.

I’m a Professional, Passionate & Highly Motivated Front-end Developer, servicing many happy clients globally, and also have over 6 years professional experience.

I have developed a wide range of websites using html5, css3, WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento, Codeignieter, Ajax & PHP, MySQL including sites for bloggers, celebrities, entrepreneurs, startup companies and small businesses.

How to Understand your Google Analytics Dashboard?

Google Analytics is a potential too which is commonly used by bloggers from all around the word. If you smart enough, you can maximize the use of the Google Analytics when you develop a website.

You can use the admin function on Google Analytics. You may know a little about Google Analytics, but you do not understand enough how to use it. You should not just let it on the website without using it properly.

Indeed, the data obtained by the Google Analytics is sufficient until finally, you feel satisfied already without customizing anything. However, there are some customizations that you have to set at the moment you install Google analytic on your website.


How to Start Blogging

I must say blogging is a fun way to create awesome content where your able to share something with others on the Internet. Some people use blogs because they like writing while other people prefer blogging for business. In order to become a blogger, it is actually not difficult as long as you have something to share with the world.

For those who are not too familiar with blogging, I would like to share with you about some tips on how to start blogging. In order to start blogging, you need to be patient and always learn more. If you finally become a professional blogger, you can earn money from blogging.


New Ways to Gain Traffic to your Blog Effectively

Running an online business can be so easy and sometimes it can also be difficult. Finding new ways to gain traffic to your blog is part of the puzzle. In this case, you create a blog and use Google analytic to manage your blog activity or create a website to get more visitors so that your products can be known by many people. Do you intend to create a new blog and get into google rankings?

Keyword Research Tools Using Google Keyword Planner

Taking advantage of Keywords Research Tools by using Google Keyword Planner. Having a paid website can be your own pride. However, when you create a website, you should be ready to fill your website with contents.

How to Write Online Articles and Where to Start?

Once you decide when to create a blog, it means that you are ready to write some articles as the contents to fill your blog. Discover ways on how to write online articles and where to start. The blog post articles must be adapted to the theme of the blog that you have created.

How to get Excellent Results in Running your SEO Campaign

What you need to consider in creating a website is the quality of the content you have. In this case, you must ensure that the contents meet the standards of SEO which can be considered good and right so that your website can appear on search engines.

How to Increase your Google AdSense Earnings and what to look for

You probably never thought that you actually can get thousands of dollars from the internet. There are many ways to earn extra income through the internet, one of which is by registering your blog to Google AdSense.