Anthony Cotton Jr How to Record your iPhone 7s Plus Screen

How to Record your iPhone 7s Plus Screen

What’s going on my people, checking back in with you guy. Listen if you have a iPhone 7s Plus or any of the newer versions of the iPhone then you are good to go. Apple recently came out with a update allowing you to record on your screen. The great thing about it, it’s perfect, perfect, perfect for bloggers, vloggers, perfect for people that’s doing how to videos, tutorials, perfect for people really showing step by step on how to solve a problem.

Take Some time out of your Day

What’s going on my people Take Some time out of your Day, just finishing up my workout, so you guys can see the aftermath, all the sweat and grind. I just hit the gym up, there a picture of my Apple Watch ⌚️ to see my results.

How to get more Visitors to your Blog

Yo yo yo whats going on my peoples all around the world, in this post I will be sharing with you tips on bringing new visitors to you blog.

With little to no money to spend on advertising

Just starting and you have no social media presence.

Blogging helps you get more traffic, creating and publishing great quality frequently content is key on gaining you new and returning visitors to your blog. A neat blogging strategy could be to implement in your blog post, every time when you write a blog post, and within that post link your article to other influencers related to your niche. By doing this step it helps you build your credibility and authority in your niche.

Things you Need to Start an Online Business

Is now becoming a trend in the word of business. All of the people have switched to run online businesses to get a bigger profit by selling their products and services online. Some companies have been successfully earning some dollars in their pocket from this online business.

Online business is also commonly called as E-commerce which really gives you an opportunity to be rich. However, running an online business is not that easy because you have to know all of the aspects of online media. Therefore, you have to know several things you need to start when you are about to run an online business.

How to get Excellent Results in Running your SEO Campaign

What you need to consider in creating a website is the quality of the content you have. In this case, you must ensure that the contents meet the standards of SEO which can be considered good and right so that your website can appear on search engines.

How to Increase your Google AdSense Earnings and what to look for

You probably never thought that you actually can get thousands of dollars from the internet. There are many ways to earn extra income through the internet, one of which is by registering your blog to Google AdSense.

8 New Ways to Gain More Retweets on Twitter

In this blog post you’ll finds ways to get your businesses noticed on Twitter with retweets of your content you tweet about.

I found in cases that Twitter can be an excellent tool for small businesses on a budget to build up their reputation and generate organic traffic. I am here to tell you retweets is a major part of your Twitter success.

1.Post Relevant Interesting Content
◾When tweeting make sure you include valuable content. Could be images, video, or quotes.

6 Formulas to Increase your Twitter Followers

Having a Twitter account and engaging with your followers is one of the easiest social media network to build an audience and generate organic targeted web traffic to your site. To take the most advantage of your Twitter account follow these 6 steps below.

1.Design a awesome unique profile

◾You’ll want to keep your bio short, catchy and straight to the point.

◾Use your logo or a recognizable picture of yourself.

◾Be sure to add in your website URL

◾Create a custom header for your photo

2. Tweet Strategically

◾Use High Res. quality images when tweeting

◾Make sure your adding relevant, trending #hastags

◾Mix your tweets up with images, video, and quotes

◾Use short URL links . Hootsuite always get the job done for me.

◾Include a call-to-action

How to Execute your Social Media Plan to its Full Potential in 5 Simple Ways

Hey guys lets get started with executing your social media plan.


Find the target and get connected – target market are present in various social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram, Pintrest, and LinkedIn
Establish rapport with fans/followers and build a community
Establish brand awareness
Nurture fans and followers by regular posting of interesting, fun and beneficial contents.
Drive people to your website allow them to convert into sales, traffic, or subscribers

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Now that you have your objectives in place you’ll need to take action. I recommend following these steps repeatedly over the next couple months.

How to get paid for your Blog

Google Adsense

There’s tons of ways to get paid for your blog. I personally think for beginners coming out the gate blogging Google Adsense is a good way to starting adding some dollars to your pocket.

Google AdSense is free, it’s a simple way for website publishers of all sizes to earn money by displaying targeted Google ads on their websites.

With Google AdSense, you’re able to show relevant content and engaging ads to your site visitors and can even customize the look of your ads to match your website theme colors.

Google Adsense works with over one million advertisers and multiple networks so theycan deliver relevant, high quality ads to your site.

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Their robust targeting ensures ads are relevant to your content and users, helping you earn the most money possible.