Use Social Media to your Advantage to Market your Brand

Anthony Cotton Jr

Hey what's going on guys, just finishing up on my morning workout. Listen I did a previous video before, saying use social media to your advantage. To give you a prime example, I don’t know if you heard of the Ball family, Big Baller Brand . When I say use social media as a platform, as a way for you to be able to capitalize on your ability and leverage your brand. To reach your target audience, without any naysayers over your head.

Anthony Cotton Jr Use Social Media to your Advantage

The reason why I say it like that, because. Prime example with the Ball Family deal. They created a 15 minute, 20 minute, 30 minute  reality TV show among themselves and their family. To try and give people an enlighten of them and their family behind the scene. A Lot of people say LaVar Ball is arrogant, that he is trying to live through his children. When in actually that's not the case, none of the case. He didn’t go that route.

Tell your story, your message yourself without the assumptions of other people and without the naysayers of other people. The thing that I like about what Lavar Ball, he didn’t go to MTV, he didn’t go to CNBC, NBC, he didn’t go to Channel 7, he didn’t go to any of those major networks out there. He went to Social Media, he didn’t have to go to MTV, where they would close the door in his face, with them networks saying no we want you to do your show our way, we want you to tell your family stories the way we want.

Anthony Cotton Jr Tell your Story

Think about it those major networks don’t know anything about the Ball Family in detail about their life and who they are as people. He didn’t go to BET and say hey can I put my reality TV show on you guys network, he didn’t go to VH1, because, why? They already have their fine print behind the scenes contracts terms and agreements, that they would want them to portray their family to be as. You know, so you know what he did, the Ball Family put together a TV production crew, they have their own in-house production crew staff which is all family, which I commend and respect a 100 %.

They then put it out there on Social Media Platforms. They put it out there on YouTube, they put it out there on Facebook, they put it out there on Instagram. They put out all their video content on all of these Social Media Platforms without anybody telling them no or having any resistant. The Big Baller Brand designed, build, and executed on their idea.

I just recently watch on of their first videos, and they got 4.7 million  views off of one of their episode off of Ball Family on Facebook, Just one Video without any resistant.

Film Record Something Edit and Upload

Hire behind the scene staff to do the production of it and make the edit hit a couple clicks and it's uploaded and release it out to the world. Let the world be the judge of it and go from there.

Powerful, Powerful, Powerful, Powerful.

It doesn’t get you freeze up, it doesn’t get you freeze up in time, it doesn’t get you caught up in time with you waiting on someone giving you a yes or no to take your life off on the motion you want it to be able to acknowledge that to use social media platforms. Use them to your advantage to market your brand use them, because you cut out the middleman.

Anthony Cotton Jr Record Edit upload

You then have the option to throw in advertising to boost up your reach you can pay seven to ten bucks in Facebook advertising to boost up your video post so you can reach more of your target audience in the certain age bracket that you're trying to reach or a certain gender group that you're trying to reach or whatever it is.

Social Media is a huge way to be able to cut out that middleman and for you to be able to execute and move yourself in the direction that you want to move in without you having to feel like you're sitting around or hung up waiting for the next big business or that next network to bring you on.

Create your own Network, Create your own Channel these platforms are out here for a reason, people are really out here making it on these social media platforms. Find something consistent find a set schedule where you're able to post once a week. Find you a set schedule where you're able to post three times a day.

I want you to do your due diligence and just find your strategic plan for you to map it out along the way brainstorm along the way and pretty much execute. That’s the main thing just execute, we have these ideas in our head put it on pen and paper and then just begin to execute. Execute is the key.

I just wanted to jump in with you guys on using social media to your advantage to market your brand. Signing out guys Anthony Cotton Jr, Peace Love Respect

Thanks guys and I hope you guys enjoyed this video post most of all keep learning, changing, and growing on your journey.

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