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What’s going on my people, how are you guys doing? Dropping in with you guys right quick on a video message. Listen I want you guys to take advantage of Social Media.

Social Media is the new platform on building your brand, your way without any yes or any no without any maybes.

Using social media, we’re living in a day and age in time where social media is the kingpin. So let’s take advantage of it. You can be able to market your own self, promote your own brand, you’re able to create your own videos, your own photos and so much more.

Create post, ads, create your own revenue. By knocking out the middleman, just take advantage of social media and use it the way it should be used.

Anthony Cotton Jr Social Media

I wanted to jump in with you guys with a quick message on taking advantage of social media. To get you guys some great ROI result with your brain and your business. Don’t say I haven’t told you before, that you want to establish a plan and execute.

Aw man we have this big hurricane coming our way guys Hurricane Irma out here in Florida.

That’s why I wanted to jump in with you guys so you know I’m going to have some down time.

I’ve been preparing stuff with the family, boarding up the apartment and taking care of the family. I got sandbags, making sure the windows and cars are good and secure and gassed up. Really been knocking that out.  So you guys can see we got the winds out here, the winds is really starting to pick up. We got some cars on the road and stuff, but only a few cars from what I see.

I wanted to jump in with you guys with a quick video on Social Media. As you can see it’s real empty out here in South Florida. I know you guys are like what am I doing out here? I’m coming out here to pick me up some breakfast stuff. Hopefully I can be able to catch a store open so I can get me some grits. I got to make me some grits, so don’t judge me, but that’s where I'm at this morning.

Hopefully Florida is in pretty good hands for Hurricane Irma that’s on the way.

Signing out much love, much peace, much respect Anthony Cotton Jr.

You guys in the Florida area and in the South you guys make sure your safe out there and protected much love. Later

10 Minutes Later …

What’s going on guys, I'm back. Guess what I've found? I done found my grits. So I'm good to go with my grits, let me go ahead and get out this hurricane weather to come.

Anthony Cotton Jr Social

I just wanted you guys to see South Florida is pretty boarder up with shutters, you know everything is pretty much where it needs to be. I really wanted to let you guys know I found my grits.

Like I was saying earlier I'm going to be down awhile, I don’t know how long I'm going to be down for. You know with the storm and everything, they have FPL on standby, so were pretty good over here. For the looks of it we have gas trucks and emergency trucks all on standby.

You guys be blessed out there and be safe out there. Keep Florida and down South in your Prayers, that we have a speedy recovery and we don’t have a storm coming our way to wipe us out.

I want to leave off with this don’t take nothing for granted be grateful stay humble and lets pray our way out of this. Much love, much peace, and much respect. Anthony Cotton Jr know I got the grits I had to show you guys my grits. Later

Thanks guys and I hope you guys enjoyed this video post most of all keep learning, changing, and growing on your journey.

Checkout my next video on Use Social Media to your Advantage to Market your Brand.

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